Zuckerberg Now Claims Apple’s App Tracking Transparency Rules Could Benefit Facebook

Despite campaigning strongly against Apple’s upcoming anti-tracking rules, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said today that Facebook “will be in a good position” when Apple begins implementing App Tracking Transparency and might even benefit from changes.

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“We may even be in a stronger position if Apple’s changes encourage more companies to do more business on our platforms by making it difficult for them to use their data to find customers who want to use their products outside of our platforms,” ​​he said Zuckerberg at a clubhouse meeting this afternoon.

What CNBC Notes, this is the most positive statement Facebook has made so far about Apple’s app tracking transparency rules. Facebook may be changing its narrative as it has become clear that Apple has no plans to delay the implementation of App Tracking Transparency, and Facebook’s attempts to stop it gave little momentum.

With the release of iOS 14.5, applications such as Facebook will need to obtain the express permission of the user before accessing an iPhone’s advertising identifier or IDFA, which is used to track usage in applications and websites for ad targeting purposes.

Facebook has criticized Apple’s planned privacy updates, removing full-page newspaper ads that were aimed at positioning Apple as the enemy of small businesses. Facebook has claimed that businesses using Facebook’s advertising tools will suffer because they won’t be able to target ads as effectively as they can now, but there are questions about how much data small businesses need to get their ads to reach the right customers. .

App tracking transparency will affect Facebook’s post-impression conversion tracking, which allows advertising companies to determine how many people saw an ad and did not click on it, but then made a purchase related to the ad. IDFA allows Facebook to match those who buy an item with those who saw an ad, but without IDFA, advertisers won’t be able to accurately measure the effectiveness of Facebook and Instagram ads.

According to CNBCFacebook, Facebook has been preparing for app tracking transparency with the introduction of Facebook stores and Instagram stores, where brands can list and sell items directly on social media. Zuckerberg said that more than 250 million people are actively using the stores feature.


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