Zion & # 39; should never have played & # 39; in the Summer League

Zion Williamson has had a lot on his plate since he played his last game with Duke in the NCAA tournament.

Williamson, who was No. 1 in the NBA draft last month to the New Orleans Pelicans, has apparently been everywhere, from draft appearances, interviews, awards and more.

That's exactly why Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski thinks Williamson should not have played in the NBA Summer League in Las Vegas. I just was not ready to return to the court.

"I thought that he really should never have played alone because he has been in this prize circuit, ESPY, everything," said Krzyzewski, through Adam Zagoria of Forbes. "I do not think it's in the form of playing or in the mind to play."

Williamson started strong in his debut in the Summer League with the Pelicans, scoring his first bucket with a mbadive low dunk.

<p clbad = "canvas-atom canvas-text Mb (1.0em) Mb (0) – sm Mt (0.8em) – sm" type = "text" content = "Finished that game with 11 points and three rebounds in only nine minutes, and was removed from the game at halftime after he & nbsp;He took a knee to knee hit on his left knee.& nbsp; The pelicans announced the next day that & nbsp;The rest of the Summer League would be lost.& nbsp; due to "a lot of caution". "data-reactid =" 30 "> He finished the game with 11 points and three rebounds in just nine minutes, and was removed from the game at halftime after kneeling, his knee hit his left knee, and pelicans announced the day following that the rest of the Summer League would be lost due to "a large amount of caution".

While Williamson's injury, which probably will not affect him next season, probably was not because he was "out of shape", Krzyzewski is not the only one who notices Williamson's conditioning, or the lack of it.

Seth Greenberg, of ESPN, said in "Get Up" this week that he thought Williamson was overweight, something that had previously been called the Duke star when he was at a US basketball camp. UU In 2017

"My concern is not about their game," Greenberg said. "My concern is for your body, you can not improve unless you're fit, and he's not in shape … Whatever his weight, he's considerably overweight."

Williamson has plenty of time to get back in shape before the season starts. It's only July, after all. And, like an NBA lottery selection, Williamson will be surrounded by some of the best coaches in the country. There is little doubt that pelicans have the means to help Williamson get where he needs to go.

So, for the rest of the offseason, it seems that Williamson does not need to tune his game. Instead, you simply need to get back in shape again.

"When [Charles] Barkley was at his best, he put on a world clbad form, "Greenberg said." And it has nothing to do with his weight for me. It has to do with your conditioning. And at this moment, he is in a position to hurt himself, not to be a great player. "

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