Watch the first Dragon Dragon launch at 2:49 AM ET

This is a unsafe box, flying on the Falcon 9 rocket – with its first level of reliability with its own land on a ship-drone – SpaceX director, Benji Reed, said "the test We have the end to make sure that the spacecraft and systems work as it was designed before we put a team on board. "It also carries out an anthromorphic test device that Elon Musk is named as Ripley, loaded with an awareness around his head, neck and broch to collect data before the astronauts fly on the second mission planned at the moment; craft organized for July. A Boeing CST-100 Starliner Self-Rescue Experience is available in April, with plans for crew resolution in August.

Following a successful event, the Drago Dragon will be independent to the ISS to protect 400 pounds of material, returning to the Earth that was scheduled for the 8th March where it will appear in the Atlantic. If the release is re-registered again, the next window will be set for Tuesday 5 March at 1:38 AM ET.

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