Skype will speak to up to 50 people now available for all tests after beta testing

Skype group discussion

After a beta test of the feature, Microsoft is the number of people who could participate in a Skype conversation from 25 to 50 per user.

The choice of speaking to up to 49 others is relevant to the video and audio conferences, and it is something that is going to appeal to larger businesses than individual users. The rise of Skype finally gets up with Facebook Messenger, and takes over Apple FaceTime.

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Microsoft acknowledges that increasing the number of cabinet participants can make it a bit difficult and grueling, so the company has made some changes to its advertising activity. The company comments: "With the increase in number of participants, we have also made some changes to how these big calls start".

He then explains:

We've put a signal instead of the ring machine as its first business, allowing every member of the group to get a quick penny to come to the call. These messages are a simple, unclear way for your calling and meetings to be held (be it between family, friends, podcast guests or fans) have started. If the warning is not about starting a enough call, you can choose individual members to leave or if your group has less than 25 partners, you can telephone the whole group.

You must make sure that you are running the latest version of the app to benefit from the changes.

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