"Most people will not get any" in 20 years, says Bitcoin dev

Rhett Creighton Bitcoin Core recently gave his thoughts about the future crypto with CryptoGlobe. MIT graduates believe that the global economy will see major changes in the next two or decades.

According to Creighton, the devolution and automation modes continue to prevent current employment and finance systems to be used for their use. most people.

He said "in 20 years, the GDP of the planet 10x is what's today … (obviously there is no measure in fiat dollars, which goes to zero). The economy will be 90 % driven by a machine. It is essential that you have jobs if they do not want them. Please indicate that people do not need jobs, most of them do not have private keys or keys, so they do not want to worry about them, a major job for the replacement of tools and large companies. "

It is unlikely to be a type of BTC that is the largest creature, although it is believed that "nothing" does not match the security of the network workout system. He emphasized the importance of freedom of choice in the & # 39; a community crypto, featuring bumps such as Ethereum Classic (ETC), which was "positive to their community because the people who agreed with most of the credit system value were able to leave and did not impede further on Ethereum's core community values ​​".

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