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After being shot through non-religious money over the last few years, Tesla sent for the 2018 season on September; ultimately converting a profit. The figure itself did not fight – just about $ 312 million in net income when the dust was fixed – but as a result of the confirmation that Tesla was in a position, confirming that he could generate a profit, there was much in the previously unmarked carriage business.

Interestingly, however, Tesla earlier this year has been missing all. During an interview with Axios After leaving HBO over the weekend, Tesla CEO Elon Musk explained how Tesla cost silver hills as part of his extensive effort to stimulate the Module 3 product. If you remember, a Model 3 has been made a number of modes of production for many months, situations; It can be found back to Tesla that gives too much reliance on self-relocation.

Especially, Musk said that at Tesla this year only just a few weeks away from "death" when engineers were away and tried to stimulate output.

"Tesla was very seriously threatening due to the Model 3 product ramp," explained Musk. "Indeed, its company was giving us money as crazy and if we did not solve these problems in a short time, we would die. And it was very difficult to solve them. "

Typically, you may remember that the Musk itself worked a lot of time as part of a bigger team that was in the process of being a member. Looking to contribute to the production of Modal 3. The past summer, for example, said Musk that he had worked as much as 120 hours per week.

"It is not recommended to anyone," said Musk who described his & her; His influence on his & her; a timetable that was his case on his own life and on his physical and mental health. "I had just done it as if Tesla was good to die if I did not."

In fact, it is the question that comes up if Tesla is able to perform the success he has seen in the final quarter on a regular basis.

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