A further Afrikaans review, ultimately, a broad showcase of BBC Television and radio

Gisland orée off coast Senegal The largest slave trade post on the cost of Africa for centuries and now in place for emigration. Nelson Mandela and Barack Obama have been here. In the first episode of Africa With Ade Adepitan (BBC Two), the Paralympics athlete, TV and optical producer turn up all the time it is. gives evidence to the small trout of this land that represents the greatest illness.

"Bye-bye Africa for ever," the guide tells that Adepitan is going through the "door to return" at the House of the Slaves, Memories of his final punctuation for 10 million African slaves. The Yorùbá, the direction is called "stallions"; valuable above all other slaves. "Without my tribe," Adepitan said calmly. London, born in Lagos and left with her parents after polio to go to her. commissioned when he was 15 months old, looking at his & # 39; The Atlantic Ocean is hitting the rocky coastline. Where many Afghans jumped, and killed themselves. More than a million died before arriving in America. "Just what happened here for them," said Adepitan, aghast.

It is easy to forget what BBC travel programs have changed. What is usually an unconfirmed complaint of white male commentators who are in a position; Meet "earthly" terrestrial land and cultures slowly growing in different species. Which, as well as anything else, does for better television. Traveling reports are increasingly interesting, interesting and mobile when people with real connections to places are returned or returned. No person is very quick and self-conscious, such as Sue Perkins going up the Mekong River. It makes a difference when it is & # 39; using "look" to give history as well as architecture.

Adepitan starts to & # 39; a four-part quiz with parasitization over the Cape Verde rocky, peculiar landscape, the most northerly place in Africa, in a modified wheelchair. For a moment, it was helped me to think this might be the kind of amazing episode program with Adepitan zip wires throughout the continent. But the sport is coming to an end here. Even when he met the next generation of football players at the prestigious ASEC Mimosas Coast, at Ivory Coast, where Kolo and Yaya Touré were in a position; stay and train, the end of the year is ending with the thousands of young men who were exchanged overseas each year with football substitutes. But another of Africa's amazing resources has been getting badly used.

On the island of Fogo – and Adepitan's ability to get around the most inaccessible and remote locations – he visits a town in an active volcano shadow to divide half the homes in a tight red laurel when sink. The owner in the local taverna is not lost. "I've been waiting for two breaks and I did not recognize anyone to be killed by a volcano," he says. There is no active volcano in comparison to the centuries of destruction that was sent by a man.

In Senegal, Adepitan finds out that fish, like the international cranberry, is a? increasingly scarce. That is the result of the 116 industrial fishing boats out there, turned into fish mines for western cattle and salmon on the farm. Adepitan wants a fisherman who is blamed. "Africa's tough problem is in Africa's tough situation," it's a answer. "They include all African resources. There are currently other types of slavery."

Again, Nigeria, the most expensive country in Africa, and its capital, Lagos, where Adepitan was born. He visits some people who are living in polio which, as it is, is disabled and disrupted. enjoy sport. They are going on by & # 39; playing on wings, or instead of trees associated with wheels, playing the most spectacular football game I've seen. One man, Ortega, will be removed on his Tuk-tuk, changed and so works with hand control. He shows the bridge where he lives.

Then it is going to mechurch who is a looks more like a football stadium and, apparently, a million evangelical Christians. Despite this, they build a bigger one. There is an unusual meeting with a representative from the Christian Church of God to leave her; come. He says that the vision of the church … helps more of African out of poverty? Nah. To build churches around the world. Adepitan tells him about private jets and private wealth. cattle, which it protects because it is essential. Controlling both invitations to go to church or to; Further study, Adepitan will move forward quickly. "If you get a rolarcoaster, I will think about it," the words that divide, which is; Feeling something that thinks there's a really fun case in the & # 39; township around the church headquarters. This world. You can not make it up.

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