Zac Efron rumored to be seen holding hands with new girlfriend Vanessa Valladares

Looks like there’s a new Vanessa Zac EfronLife is.

Nearly a decade later, the actor and his famous ex-girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens Called Quiet, Efron has joined hands with Australian models Vanessa Valladares. According to photos taken on 4 September, the two, holding cameras in their hands, caught them grabbing lunch in Byron Bay, Australia. Naturally, public displays of affection have led to speculation of romance all around Beach bum Actor and Valdares.

Citing a source, The people The two met in Australia in June while Valdares was working in a restaurant. “I met Zac Ness the summer before,” the source told the magazine. “They started walking outside in July and recently took a ski trip together.”

While keeping matters mysterious, neither have spoken publicly about the other and they do not currently follow each other on Instagram. Still, thanks to a recent look at them together, photos including Brunch on Sept 5, everyone can talk.