Yvette Gentry takes over the Louisville Metro Police Department

And while she wants to know what was presented to the grand jury, Gentry says those recordings can provide answers to the tough questions that may prove to be Taylor’s first real step for the family and the city.

Gentry, the city’s first female police chief, said, “I think the truth is what everyone needs. Certainly the family, the police officers working here, need me as a leader.” “I can’t go to corrections based on information that is not accurate. It will just take me in a direction we won’t get better. So I’m eager to look at the facts of the case and look at the evidence. Say , ‘What can we do differently?’

And this is the information that Gentry says will help reach Taylor’s family.

“At some point, I would like to,” Gentry said. “Once I know more, sit down and hopefully help [Breonna’s mother] Get off some. “

The grand jury recording is in Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron’s office until noon on Friday to hand over an extension from the original Wednesday deadline, so that prosecutors can then send personal identifiers such as home addresses and social security numbers, according to the court filing Can do with
An officer was induced to endanger neighbors with his bullets but not Bryo Taylor.  Why can this happen
On Thursday, Gentry takes the helm as interim chief of a police department that has been in turmoil since the death of Taylor, an EMT who was killed by police in his home. Taylor was shot multiple times when three LMPD officers forcefully entered her apartment in March to serve a warrant in a drug investigation.

The LMPD has been shaken by instability, as Gentry will now become the third police chief in a span of five months.

And all of this takes place in the backdrop of protesters who have taken to the streets, unhappy that only one officer was involved in the incident that ended Taylor’s life, the former traced. Brett Hankison was charged with three counts of wanted endangerment for blindly firing in a contiguous occupied apartment. He has pleaded not guilty.

Two other officers who opened fire that night were not charged. Cameron said both men were vindicated because Taylor’s boyfriend first fired on police, killing and injuring one of the officers. Cameron told CNN-affiliated WDRB that he does not seek murder charges against the officers.

It is a challenge to ‘overcome any kind of real medicine’

Gentry replaces Robert Schroeder, who had been in an interim position since June and is retiring to focus on his family and complete his doctorate. He followed former chief Steve Conrad, who came to know after a shootout by officers that two body officers had not activated their body cameras to protest the death of George Floyd, who was involved in the fatal shooting of a man.

A police officer for two decades, Gantry left the department as deputy chief in 2014 and worked as the head of community building in the city’s government. She will remain in charge until the city finds a suitable permanent replacement in about six months.

The case of Bryon Taylor after the police cracked his door and shot him

Louisville Mayor Greg Fisher said last month that Yvette brings the unique experiences and strong community relationships needed to lead the LMPD, until he is a permanent head, and to help public safety and address for his city Has a hobby , At the time of his hire.

Fisher said an eight-man search panel focused on police reform and accountability has been tasked with finding a permanent chief, and he hopes to name one by the end of the year.

Chief of Police Anion, Ryan Nichols, president of the River City Fraternal Order of Police, called Gentry “the right person for this job”.

“I have known Chief Gentry for over twenty years and have worked with and for him during his career,” Nicholas said. “He is a well respected leader with strong ties to our community and a supporter of honorable men and women who work on LMPD.”

Activist Christopher 2X says it will be a long hard road for Gentry to try the community after Taylor’s death, violent protests and the Attorney General’s decision.

2x said, “The protest may end tomorrow, but social media action and reactions will keep the tension alive in Lewisville.” “The Interim Chief Gentry will be at work for four to six months. He is entitled to the Nobel Peace Prize if he can pull off any kind of real healing in the community that we have just gone through.”

The city of Louisville announced a $ 12 million settlement of the September 15 lawsuit for the wrongful death of the Taylor family. The city also agreed to implement police reforms, including using social workers to provide support on some police runs and requiring commanders to review and approve search warrants before obtaining judicial approval.

It is a difficult time to recruit officers

The gantry not only has the difficult task of repairing a fragmented department under a microscope, it has to do a hard time recruiting police officers.

Last week, two Louisville officers were shot and injured in a protest.

“More than half of the people who were about to start [rookie] During this protest, he was refused to become a police officer. So the class of 40 is below 19. So people don’t want to be police right now and it’s frightening for me, “Gentry said.” You cannot train ethics for people. You cannot train someone to be a moral person who is not a moral person. You have come to pick the right people. ”

Louisville police officer shot during last week and protests are already at work

Gentry was sworn in at Police Headquarters on Thursday morning. And it will also be the first day in weeks that the plywood that blocks the building’s windows is expected to be removed.

Gantry’s appointment comes after the mayor of Rochester was appointed the first female chief of the city following the death of Daniel Prude in police custody.

Cynthia Heriot-Sullivan, who worked for the Rochester Police Department for 24 years before her retirement in 2009, will take over as interim chief effective October 14.

It is not lost on the gantry that she is another woman of color who has been asked to helm a department since the disputed death.

“Why is it that qualified and capable black women have the opportunity to lead?” Gentry said. “Why did it take 200 years to give this department an opportunity to a woman? I am well qualified, well equipped for this job even if it is not a crisis.”


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