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YouTuber is hit by sharing the video of his wife falling from "Cliff"

The images have become viral of a woman who falls off a "cliff" when she and her husband walk on a path in Hawaii.

However, the video has not gone viral because it is a dramatic fall, a dangerous dive or a shocking piece of home-made footage. It has gone viral because the deceptive title of "falling off a cliff" makes it seem more "lucky to be alive" than You have been framed.

An observation of the video, however, and you will definitely see the laughter.

The video was uploaded by YouTuber Shonduras, who shared the video of his wife Jenny McBride falling from the cliff.

The video comes with a disclaimer clause that states: "WARNING: The following may contain elements not suitable for some audiences, and the discretion of the parents and the spectator is advised."

Fully prepared for some graphic material, because we are a sadistic group, many viewers are somewhat disappointed by the actual content of the video.

Shonduras described the incident as: a life-changing experience that has changed our perspective on life, family and others. Do not let the little things reach us and really. [sic] The time we have together. "

You can see it here, the fall from the "cliff" occurs around eight minutes in:

By filming the entire incident, the family managed to keep the camera moving as they ran to see how Jenny was doing. Fortunately, she was fine and, of course, things had been very different if she had hit her head, for example.

However, because this is the Internet and because Jenny was fine, the viewers responded appropriately to the large number of exaggerated images (describing the cliff as 30 feet tall …).

Fortunately, Jenny was not seriously injured. Be careful with those cliffs, and take care of what you post online.

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