YouTuber buys an exoskeleton to wield a giant Final Fantasy sword

Say what you want about YouTubers, but they sure know how to spend their money. We have previously seen internet video stars invest their earnings in a relocated Battlebot, a hovercraft bar, too big a balloon, Y a grenade complete with the ATM in which he was thrown. Now we have Allen Pan from YouTube channel Advanced enough, a guy who has decided that the best use of his pandemic The stimulus test involves purchasing a robotic exoskeleton so that you can attempt to wield a giant anime-style sword.

In a video documenting this decision, Pan gets a welder to create a 50 pound sword modeled after the one used by Cloud in Final Fantasy VII. Because the distribution of this weight makes it impossible for most non-cartoon people to use the thing with any kind of martial grace, Pan decides he needs a little help. So he buys a $ 900 used camera stabilizing exoskeleton, the idea inspired by the power suits worn by the characters from The era of El Mañana, to wield his huge sword.

Pan modifies the suit to better absorb the extra weight, ties a bungee cord to the center of the sword, and then is finally able to lift his absurd weapon well enough to use it to beat a television set. . “I have the power of god Y anime on my side! “Pan yells triumphantly.

Still the swordIt’s awkward enough for Pan to wear, even in his exoskeleton, that he decides to see how his wits match the natural strength of a big, muscular guy. Recruit a huge guy who manages to use the giant sword to smash watermelons, coconuts, and an entire table with the blade.

Is this all ridiculous? Of course! But we think it’s far better for Pan to use his money and fame to research ways we can all become disturbing environmental terrorists ready to take back the planet from evil corporations that any some other youtubers reach.

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