YouTube TV is now YT TV, Google TV icon tweak on Android

A minor update to YouTube TV for Android today changes the app name of “YT TV” to Google. Additionally, the Android / Google TV app icon has also been made ever smaller.

Update 1/19/21: Google has reversed its December version with version 5.01.2. Widely rolling through the Play Store today, the app is listed as “YT TV”. It is clear that end users prefer abbreviated application names.

Update 12/2: Version 4.7 re.2 is running today through the Play Store and returns the homescreen name to the full “YouTube TV”. It is unclear why Google dropped “YT TV” after almost two months. For example, the drawer position is back and YT Music is back to the last app.

Original 10/5: Version 4.40 for Android (phone and tablet) sees an app name change from “YouTube TV” to “YT TV”. This change appears on Homescience and App Launcher, but not on the App Info page or Play Store listing.

The abbreviation corresponds to “YT Music” and looks for “YT TV” on the right side of the audio streaming application. For most people, YouTube TV is now the last item in their alphabetically arranged app drawer, although it may present some challenges when searching based on your device’s launcher.

Depending on your set font size, “YouTube TV” may first be truncated to “YouTube …”. Today’s change means that this is no longer the case for most – if not all – users. This new version is still running through the Play Store.

Meanwhile, on the Android TV / Google TV front, another update sees the YouTube TV app change the card. It was first the red YouTube play button, followed by “TV” against a white background. This is also how in-app branding appears.

It is now the icon on the back of a black card and “YouTube TV” with an edge-to-edge on either side. The background change distinguishes it from YouTube and YouTube music shortcuts. An advantage is that this application differs in carousel, although Chromecast with Google TV users always access it in the new “Live” tab.

There is also a red color / glow when selected. This change should be widely implemented today.

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