YouTube to rival Amazon by transforming platform into mass shopping network

YouTube is reportedly testing features that will allow viewers to purchase the product directly from the video. Goals, according to a Bloomberg The report aims to turn the platform into a major shopping destination for rival Amazon.

Some manufacturers are already testing tools on YouTube that allow them to tag products featured in videos. The data from these videos can be tracked to see how these products performed. With devices in place, viewers will be able to click on the products that appear in the video and purchase them right there.

In addition to its own tools, Google is reportedly testing ways to integrate Shopify, a plate online store provider. YouTube explicitly tested Shopify integration last year, allowing some creators to list up to 12 items for sale on a digital carousel below their videos.

It is unclear how YouTube generates revenue from direct sales, but the creators seemingly will receive a percentage of any sales through the new initiative, allowing them to diversify revenue beyond advertising. The whole initiative provides an entire platform as a spindle in space, which an expert said Bloomberg Is underlined by YouTube.

YouTube has clearly thought about turning the platform into a shopping destination for some time, but was unable to execute it properly. With the epidemic, however, Bloomberg Marketing budgets combined with a growing e-commerce interest have made claims a priority.

YouTube is already a $ 15 billion-year business, so opening it up for e-commerce has the potential to take that figure to new heights. The platform is already replete with creators who promote products through affiliate links, including Amazon, and it seems that very soon viewers can buy products directly from the platform, with the middleman (Amazon) completely out Can be removed.


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