YouTube suspends Trump’s account, blocking uploads and comments

Google has suspended President Donald Trump’s YouTube account and formally warned the White House about the use of the world’s largest video platform.

company said On Tuesday night Trump uploaded content that violated his policies, causing it to automatically strike, leading to a minimum seven-day suspension from uploading new content. It said that it is also disabling the comments section.

The company did not specify which videos violated its policies, but said it was “content” that included comments made by Trump on Tuesday morning. YouTube said it has violated policies that prohibit content to incite violence.

Donald J. Trump’s YouTube account has 2.77 million subscribers and typically posts multiple videos a day and from right-wing media stations.

Under YouTube’s three-strike system, one channel will be suspended for one week after the first strike, two after the second and the third strike will be terminated within 90 days. The temporary suspension means Trump’s account and existing videos will remain accessible, but he will not be able to upload new content.

“Following the review, and in light of concerns about the ongoing potential for violence, we removed new content uploaded to Donald J. Trump’s channel for violations of our policies,” the company said Statement Tuesday evening on social media “Given the ongoing concerns about the violence, we will also indefinitely disable comments on President Trump’s channel, as we have done for other channels where security concerns were found in the comments section Has gone. “

A company spokesperson said it also removed the videos from the White House’s YouTube account, but instead of the first strike, the company issued a warning because “there has not been the same history of violent content on this channel, but will receive further violent content Should. Uploaded on the channel, it will receive a strike, as per our policies. “

Google-owned YouTube announced on Thursday that it would suspend – a first strike – “any channel” warning them first instead of posting new videos of false claims in violation of its policies. Later on Thursday, Alphabet employees called YouTube officials to take further action against the president, not suspending his account and arguing that he would incite further misinformation and violence.

The suspension of Trump’s account by YouTube came on Wednesday following violence in the US Capitol by some Trump supporters, killing five people. Politicians and the public have called for social media and technology companies to moderate their platforms more closely, threatening to spark further violence.

Twitter and Facebook announced that they were permanently suspending Trump’s account – Twitter, permanently. However, Trump found a workaround and began tweeting from the government-owned @PUSUS account late Friday evening.

Google also removed the popular social media app Parlar with Trump supporters from the Google Play Store, making it much harder for Android users to download and access the app.

YouTube is unique from other social networks because the video can be shared on other platforms, giving it a wider reach.

Explanation: YouTube was announced on Twitter on Tuesday night. An earlier version had the wrong day in a context.


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