YouTube suspends President Trump’s account

YouTube suspended President Trump’s channel on Tuesday night, joining a growing list of tech companies that are evicting them from their platforms.

Alphabet Inc. The video-sharing service said it was locking up Mr. Trump’s channel for at least seven days after the company removed the video, stating it violated its policies against the content, which it believed Is that it can provoke violence.

YouTube Step Facebook Inc. And Twitter Inc. Follows similar decisions as On Thursday, Facebook suspended Mr. Trump’s account indefinitely, and on Friday Twitter closed Mr. Trump’s personal account.

While companies took action based on various pieces of content, posts and videos appeared to reiterate the claim that the election was stolen and expressed support for a crowd of pro-Trump who attacked the US Capitol last week.

Some users have praised the companies’ decisions to prevent future violence. Others characterized the works as a violation on free speech. Either way, moderation decisions show some Silicon Valley tech companies more power than online discourse.


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