YouTube stars’ account performed after allegations of throwing parties between epidemics

YouTube has temporarily demolished the account of the popular dacoits known as the NELK Boys after allegedly throwing mass college parties amid the coronovirus epidemic.

The decision comes after YouTubers, which has 5.7 million subscribers on its platform, was seen hosting parties at Illinois State University for what he allegedly called “opposition” to coronavirus regulations.

YouTube said in a statement on Twitter that NELK’s recent behavior violates the platform’s creator responsibility policy, stating that creators “do not engage in on- and / or off-platform behavior” [that] Troubles our users, community, employees or ecosystem. “

The company said in a statement that it believes the men are “posing a wider public health risk.”

Hill has reached out to YouTube for comment.

The company was responding to an NELK video shared on Instagram, which was received by New York Times reporter Taylor Lorenz.

The NELK Twitter account also appeared to share footage from the parties.

The video showed hundreds of college students crammed together, who did not appear to face masks or social security amid the epidemic.

Illinois State University (ISU) president Larry Deitz told local outlet The Pentagraph Thursday that officials are investigating the party and those who violated the school’s code of conduct face punishment ranging from investigation to expulsion May be required.

“We are now gathering information about the individuals and the events they demonstrated at that event and confirming their presence before we begin it all,” Deterz said. People like to have fun, but we are in the midst of an epidemic. There will be a time of fun after handling this epidemic. “

The NELK Boys reportedly visited several locations In the normal city near ISU, which currently prohibits gatherings of more than 10 people on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning.

According to The Pentagram, the police disbanded the gatherings.

A new analysis Released on Friday by USA Today College campuses were found to reduce the largest coronavirus outbreaks across the United States.

Among the 25 hottest outbreaks in America, communities with major colleges and thousands of recently returned students represent 19 of them.

McLean County, where the state of Illinois is located, has been considered one of the hotspots. As of Friday, 844 cases have been reported per 100,000 people.

The NELK Boys Channel, which includes Kyle Forgard, Jesse Sebastian and Steve DeLeonardies, is roaming around the country and visiting college cities.

In August, he faced criticism for throwing similar parties in Los Angeles amid the epidemic.

Deleonardis posted a video on his personal channel in August titled SteveWillDoIt, titled “I THREW A PROTEST IN LA!” Which shows him chanting “Open the gym” with signs that read “Gym Lives Matter”.

The video was viewed over 1.7 million times and reacted to the backlash, stating that they would never change or boil our comedy to please people, especially snowflakes.

On Friday, he posted on Instagram that his private channel has also been demonetized.

“I officially make $ 0 from YouTube right now. So basically I will get millions and millions [of] YouTube is considered every single month and not even paid a dollar, “he wrote. He didn’t pay me much each month but now it’s completely cut off.”

Hill has reached out to the NELK Boys and the General Police Department for comment.

Other social media celebrities have faced criminal charges for throwing house parties during the epidemic.

Tiktok stars Bryce Hall And Blake gray An ordinance that forbade “loud and uncontrolled gatherings” was issued in violation of a “safe LA” emergency order issued during the outbreak last month in Los Angeles.