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YouTube is preparing to make a new attempt for music fans to pay for the broadcast, with a new service in process to try to get better revenue from the video site. The company has tried several times over the last 5 or 6 years to better monetize its content, focusing more recently on videos, including music, among others, that it offers without ads to YouTube Red subscribers.

was a reworking of 2016 YouTube Music Key, which was launched two years earlier. Google has its own music service in real time, meanwhile, Google Play Music, which was launched in 2011 with audio only. Now, according to experts, there is a fourth attempt to break the space, with what appears to be a combination of both products.

It is known internally as YouTube Remix, according to Bloomberg, although what it could publicly release is not clear at this time. According to its sources, Remix will offer on-demand streaming from a catalog of songs, similar to Spotify, Apple Music and, in fact, Google Play Music.

Along with that, however, they would be "YouTube elements," such as video clips, presumably including music videos to accompany songs. However, YouTube Remix could also offer backstage interviews with bands, live shows using YouTube streaming technology or even original content. That's something that YouTube has been doing on YouTube Red, but not with a musical approach.

The company has reportedly been in contact with artists, hoping to persuade them to promote YouTube Remix. That's also music for industry executives, who initially expected YouTube Red to be more focused on the content of the song and album than it turned out to be. Signs that it could finally be happening came earlier in 2017, when a large part of the Google Play Music team joined the YouTube division.

Put YouTube, and the parent company Alphabet, directly against rivals like Apple Music and Spotify, which have been much more successful in persuading music fans to open their wallets and pay for a monthly subscription. That despite the fact that YouTube is among the best places that listeners access to access the tracks, even if most do it with interspersed advertising. At this point, it is unknown how Google could take advantage of its Android footprint with some kind of link with YouTube Remix, similar to what Apple does with Apple Music and iOS devices.

According to experts, YouTube has an aggressive roadmap for the launch. The goal is apparently to have public YouTube Remix in March of 2018, in fact. At this time, it is not known what kind of monthly subscription fee might be involved, although most rivals charge less than $ 10 per month for full access to the catalog.

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