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YouTube Making all your originals for freee

YouTube doing all your originals for free

In a surprise announcement, YouTube announced that it will remove all of its original content behind its Premium payment wall, allowing users to enjoy an advertising version of programs such as “Cobra Kai”, “Impulse”, “Step Up: High Water” and the big-budget science fiction series “Origin”.

In an official statement, the company says they plan to continue investing in scripted programming and change to make their original YouTube ads compatible to meet the growing demand of a more global fan base.

In simple terms, YouTube’s attempts at original scripted content through YouTube Premium have not been the success story they expected. As a result, they probably do not invest in so many scripted programs and move to reality projects based on creators or more driven by celebrities, with the use of stars of the format.

By 2020, original YouTube programs and movies will be available in free windows for the two billion YouTube users. In the short term, some original productions will remain behind the wall of payments, including the second season of “Cobra Kai”.

Speaking of free VOD, the Kanopy streaming service, which is completely free for those with a library card, has reached an agreement with A24 that will see 72 movies from the A24 catalog that are transmitted for free on the service. These include the main prize winners and contestants such as “Moonlight”, “Lady Bird”, “The Florida Project”, “First Reformed” and “The Killing of a Sacred Deer”.

Source: Variety

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