YouTube is available to be installed as a progressive web app (PWA)

Today a handful of Google services are available as progressive web apps. After Music and TV, the main YouTube site can now be established as a PWA for instant dedicated access.

Progressive web app support for was added in the last few days. In Chrome, the Telltale Plus-in-the-Circle icon appears directly in the omnibox, with users prompted for an “application”. This differs from the browser’s manual overflow menu “install” option, which has been available for some time.

Later, you get a big red play logo in your app launcher to open YouTube in a window lacking the address bar and other UI elements for a dedicated experience. Shelf pinning (such as on Chrome OS) provides instant access to what is running.

This ability to set up the main site is found in PWA for YouTube Music (October 2019) and YouTube TV (January 2020), thus catering to the family. Meanwhile, other Google sites include:

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