Youtube-dl makes their case, returns to GitHub

Last month, the GitHub repository for the popular program Youtube-dl It was taken in response to a DMCA takedown notice filed by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). The crux of the RIAA complaint was that the device could be used to download local copies of streamed music from various platforms, claiming that it supported the fact that many copyrighted music files were found in the repository Was listed as unit tests.

While many believed it to be a miscalculation of what the powerful Python program was actually used for, RIAA’s argument was not entirely without merit. Thus, GitHub was forced to comply with the DMCA takedown until the situation could be clarified. Today we are happy to report that this has happened, and Youtube-dl The reserves have been officially restored.

Presented by current maintainers of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Youtube-dl A letter this afternoon to GitHub’s DMCA agent made its case, detailing how the tool worked and the issue of the directly copyrighted video being used as test cases in the source code. They state that their program does not circumvent any DRM, and that the exchange between client and server is the same as if the user viewed the resource with a web browser. Furthermore, they believe that downloading a few seconds’ worth of copyrighted material to test the functionality of the software is covered under fair use. Even, he has decided to remove all references to the song to avoid any sign of clutter.

Have worked closely with Youtube-dl During this period the developers, GitHub, released their own statement to coincide with the letter EFF. He explained that the nature of the RIAA’s original complaint forced his hand, but he never believed that the withdrawal of reserves was the right decision. In particular, they point to a myriad of valid reasons that users may wish to retain local copies of stream media. While GitHub says they are happy that the situation was resolved quickly, they will make several changes to their internal review process to help prevent further trivial conditions. In particular the company says they will work with technical and legal experts to review the source code before proceeding any further, and if there is any ambiguity as to the validity of the claim, they will side with the developers .

Internet was fast to the rescue Youtube-dl After the takedown, and we’re happy to see that GitHub did a good job on its promise to work with developers to quickly get the repository back online. While the nature of open source code meant that the community was never in any real danger of losing this important tool, it is in everyone’s best interest that project development can continue in the open.

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