YouTube clip feature comes under limited trial

YouTube is working on a clip feature that will allow creators and viewers to take out short segments of video and livestream to share on the Internet, the company announced Thursday.

YouTube is currently testing the clip in the “limited alpha” stage, the company said on its support site, adding that the feature is available to “a small group of creators” because it, according to Jensen, YouTube’s community manager, Collects feedback. At the moment, it is possible to create clips only through the YouTube Android app or desktop website, although Jensen said support for the iOS app is “coming soon.”

Although it is currently limited, clipping on YouTube works quite radically. Viewers can select a “clip” button – presented by a scissor icon – next to the thumb and top-down buttons below a given video. Players can then scroll through the video to select a section, and fix their clip through a panel to the right of the video. The clips can be as long as five seconds or as long as 60, and playback will loop endlessly. Hopefully, YouTube Clippers can use the announcement video as a test for all their clipping skills.

The most obvious use of the feature for gaming content comes into play. But Ryan Wyatt, head of gaming and commerce at YouTube, Told polygons “Ultimately, all products are made available to everyone,” so the clips will not be limited to gaming streams or videos.

Once they have created their clip, viewers or producers can share it on a variety of social sites or on direct links. The feature comes much later than its biggest competition for YouTube, Twitch, which rolled out clips for all users in July 2016. Even the mixer, which was launched in 2016 and shut down last summer, began allowing users to create clips in 2018.

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