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YouTube celebrities totally worth following that are not Logan Paul

There's a whole world on YouTube that does not involve terrible people, it just does not feel that way at the moment.

The first week of 2018 was not exactly a flag week for YouTube star Logan Paul, for example. Paul, known as Paul's less offensive brother (* & ^ @ & # ^?), Kicked off by launching a deaf video where he finds a corpse in Japan's suicide forest. The controversy sparked a debate over what content is appropriate for YouTube (hint: it does not imply deceiving the suicide), and caused many older generation and Gen-X to ask themselves: "Is there anyone who is not bad on YouTube? "

children, I am pleased to inform you that yes.

If you're not familiar with the vlogging community, you've probably heard about two YouTube personalities in the last year: Logan Paul or a YouTube personality called "PewDewPie". "who likes to make jokes about dead Jews."

Fortunately, there are vloggers (mostly incredibly young) who make it largely harmless, not totally insipid, and sometimes even, prepare for it, good content.

These are just some.

1. Liza Koshy

At just 21 years old, Liza Koshy is one of those incredibly successful young girls who really deserves everything that comes to them, she is an expert physical comedian who produces videos well-cut (that is, not incredibly choppy), and its range of impressions is broad, it's the kind of content you can not get depressed that teens see.

2. Lilly Singh

Lilly Singh won $ 10.5 million in 2016 and did so without capitalizing on a tragedy in a suicidal forest, instead, she relied on her natural comedic instincts, on the imitation of her parents and on the genuinely astute comments about young adult life.

3. videogamedunkey

If you're new to videogame commentary, or you hate it for the most part but want to learn, videogamedunkey is where it is. Videogamedunkey does not have the painful arrogance like others in its genre, and is actually capable of creating attractive and well-constructed narratives. Who knew that such a thing was possible on YouTube?

4. Lindsay Ellis

For all book students, there is Lindsay Ellis, a media critique that makes media criticism bearable. Ellis takes care of everything, from the disappearance of Disney villains to nostalgia, without even sounding like his TA / aspiring professor "Introduction to film theory"

5. Bill Wurtz

Bill Wurtz is less a YouTube personality than a producer of very strange animated videos, but he's on this list because I like him so much. You've probably seen at least one of these videos and thought, "I'm horrified by how much I like this."

Sure, some of its more erratic borders border on twee, but we all need a little Wes Anderson in our lives.

6. Nathan Zed

Nathan Zed does not vlog frequently, partly for personal reasons, and partly because he only speaks when there is something to be said. Zed is one of the most considered of the group, and addresses from the positivity of the body to the responsibilities of YouTube personalities. (Yes, he really thinks about this!)

7. Hannah Hart

You probably know Hart from "My Drunk Kitchen," his weekly YouTube series where he cooks while drunk. Hart also creates videos that are more personal and specific to the LGBTQ community, whether it's about the presentation process or the management of queer relationships.

8. Kingsley

Kingsley is another family personality and proud of YouTube. Kingsley's comment about Katy Perry's betrayal of gays in "Tragic Gingerbread houses" is like the old-school Buzzfeed, modernized and improved for 2017.

8. Evelyn from Internets

Watch this video. Absorb all that magical content. Only then can you return to this publication.

Evelyn from the Internet has done more than this viral video, which includes everything from makeup tutorials to cultural criticism, but this is a YouTuber that lives up to its form.

9. Bretman Rock

Known, accurately, as "The most fabulous makeup guru on the Internet", Rock rose to fame with his series of videos "How to Contour".

10. Primitive Technology

Who would have ever thought that a video entitled "Reusable Coal Mound" would achieve more than 10 million visits? Not me, certainly, and not anyone I know.

Still, Primitive Technology, which builds devices that cavemen would have built, has incredibly loyal followers, with nearly 7 million subscribers.

Best of all? He hardly speaks.

Apparently, the key to dominating a platform that constantly excretes verbal diarrhea is to embrace silence.

It's a lesson for all the bright and beautiful aspiring YouTube stars everywhere.

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