YouTube app update promises a solution for iOS 11 battery drain errors


Two weeks ago, we highlighted that many iPhone and iPad users saw severe battery problems when they played videos in the YouTube application; the device would become unnaturally warm and the battery would run out quickly when it really should not. An update of the YouTube application visible today in the App Store promises a solution to this problem.

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The YouTube app has always been a bit disgusting, but apparently there was a problem with either iOS 11 or the application code itself that significantly amplified your use of energy.

Some people previously reported that watching a 15-minute clip could use more than 10% of the iPhone's battery and cause the device to become very hot. This is clearly beyond normal expectations: watching a video is not an intensive CPU or GPU task.

The notes of version 12.45 of the YouTube application released a few hours ago say that it "solved a problem with the use of the battery."

We have not tested exhaustively in any way, but watching a 30-minute clip did not have any abnormal effect on my personal iPhone X with the latest YouTube update. This is a good sign at least. Let us know in the comments if you are still running out of battery or if the new update has really solved the battery problems.

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