You’re a wife beater and that’s final

Johnny Depp has lost his request to appeal a defamation decision from a British court that sided with the Sun newspaper that called him a “wife beater.” In a decision on Thursday, the Royal Court of Appeal in London ruled against Depp, essentially accepting that there was sufficient evidence that the pirates of the Caribbean In fact, the actor had beaten his ex-wife Amber Heard, he claimed.

The 57-year-old actor argued that he had not received a fair trial in his original failed civil case against the newspaper and that he had new evidence, including claims that Heard lied about donating his $ 7 million divorce settlement to charity. .

The original court ruling stated that the Sun The article labeling the actor as an abusive husband was “substantially true” and there was “overwhelming evidence” that he had frequently attacked his 34-year-old wife.

Heard and Depp settled their divorce out of court and Depp was never criminally charged despite Heard detailing how he feared for his life and how Depp even once cut off a section of his finger and wrote in blood on the wall during a fight. . Depp says it was Heard who abused and had his finger cut off when she threw a bottle of whiskey at him during an angry confrontation.

The gory details of Depp and Head’s clearly tumultuous relationship had become a tabloid topic since they split in 2016 amid allegations of Depp’s drug and alcohol-fueled attacks that included frequent beatings and even a hostage situation. in Australia when she claimed that Depp kept her locked up for three days. Depp, in her defense, has always claimed that Heard was the attacker, frequently hiding from her or telling her what she wanted to hear in order to appease her and prevent her outbursts of anger.

The British court sided with Heard’s account of the events and ruled that it was correct for the British newspaper to label the actor as a wife beater. “We reject Mr. Depp’s request to admit further evidence in support of his appeal proposal and conclude that the appeal has no real prospect of success and that there is no other compelling reason for it to be heard,” the court ruled Thursday. “Consequently, we decline permission to appeal.”

The judges also wrote in their ruling that they did not “believe that the judge would have reached a different conclusion if it had been established before him that Ms. Heard had misleading the amount of the $ 7 million she said she had donated to the charity, in fact, had been paid. “

Heard’s spokesman told the guardian that they were pleased “but in no way surprised” by the court’s ruling. “The evidence presented in the UK case was overwhelming and undeniable,” the spokesman said. “To reiterate, the original verdict was that Mr. Depp committed domestic violence against Amber on no less than 12 occasions and she feared for her life.”

the Sun The newspaper, which had the most to lose on appeal, also expressed satisfaction with the ruling against Depp. “The Sun I was confident that this request for permission to appeal would not be granted and is satisfied with today’s decision, ”said the Sun it said in a statement. “The case had a full, fair and proper hearing, and today’s decision vindicates the courageous evidence that Amber Heard delivered to the court on domestic abuse, despite repeated attempts to undermine and silence her by the perpetrator. the Sun will continue to advocate and campaign on behalf of victims of domestic abuse. “


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