Your private jet membership is now a Costco trip away, as it is still 2020

Touted as a strange but very appropriate sign of the time, Costco is now selling private jet memberships. According to the wholesale retail giant, the goal is to make private flight as accessible as Uber. It goes without saying, however, that the price will vary wildly compared to what would normally be paid for ride-sharing in a car.

For its latest venture, Costco has partnered with Wheels Up, a charter jet company with some 300 aircraft in its fleet, with 1,250 more aircraft available from partners. The move comes to address the widespread (and completely justified) reluctance to book commercial flights, and aims to make private flight more accessible.

Under the “Electronics” section at the brick-and-mortar Costco store, you can now get a one-year subscription to a private jet. This will set you back $ 17,500 ($ 17,499.99, to be more precise) and, while it is certainly not cheap, it comes with extra perks for the experienced traveler with deep-pocket-enough pockets.

The number one benefit is that, you get your own private jet for your travel needs. Second, according to Costco, it is guaranteed “Nationwide aircraft availability up to 365 days in a year” Thanks to Wheels Up’s fleet, and the ability to book flights with just 24 hours in advance. With a one-year membership, you also get a $ 3,500 Costco Shop Car, $ 4,000 in-flight credit, and a one-year membership with Inspirato, which offers luxury holiday rentals.

In other words, you get both the right holiday option and the means to stay safe there. In 2020, the latter’s importance cannot be stressed enough. To that end, Wheez Up says they are giving anti-microbial shield treatment to each aircraft at least every 90 days, and surface cleaning between flights.


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