Your Chrome browser may soon show the Google Shopping Widget on the new tab page

Most people prefer their new tab page to include the Google search bar and nothing more. They like it simple and up to the point, while others prefer for an extension to show them other things like a rest motion wallpaper or a clock widget. Instead, the Google Shopping Widget may soon occupy that space and I bet most users will not be happy about it.

Thanks to TechDows, who found that Chrome Tab Canary with the New Tab Page module enabled (chrome: // flags / # ntp-module), They were able to turn on Another flag title chrome: // flags / # ntp-shopping-functions module, Which then created a dismissive Google Shopping widget under the search bar and a quick link to its new tab page.

It seems that suggestions for this new widget will include items you previously tracked on Google services or similar items in an effort to increase Google Shopping traffic. You can manage the information used by Google for targeted advertising on your My Activity page. This new feature appears in Chrome Canary just days after Google rolled out price tracking and information in purchases This lends more credence to the fact that they plan to actually pursue the service during this upcoming holiday season which will largely be digital thanks to the COVID-19 epidemic. Google has told concerned users that these suggestions are anything but advertisements. Instead, they are source-free shopping listings that are not sponsored in any way. The NTP Shopping Task module will work on Mac, Windows, Linux and Chrome OS. There is no indication at the time of launch whether it will work on Android and iOS via the Chrome browser.

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