Younger Age Groups Drive Rise in Michigan COVID-19 Hospitalizations

COVID-19 hospitalizations in Michigan are on the rise again, but data shows that it is the younger age groups that are driving the increase.

Inpatient data collected by the Michigan Hospital and Health Association (MHA) shows that hospitalizations increased by 633% for adults from 30 to 39 years and by 800% for adults from 40 to 49 years old.

Hospitalization growth rates decline as vaccination rates by age group increase, with hospitalizations increasing by only 37% for adults 80 years and older, of which 44% of the population is fully vaccinated in the state.

(Data compiled by the Michigan Hospital and Health Association (MHA). (MHA)

Groups under 50 are among the lowest vaccinated groups in Michigan right now as eligibility expands for age 16 and over groups.

As of March 23, a total of 1,659 inpatients were in Michigan hospitals for COVID-19, including 356 in intensive care and 133 on ventilators. The total of hospitalized patients has doubled since the end of February.


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“Michigan is making progress in the final defeat of the COVID-19 pandemic by increasing vaccination rates, but the war is not over yet,” said MHA Medical Director Gary Roth, DO. “Now is not the time to lower your guard and risk COVID-19 with the emergence of more contagious variants and the widespread availability of vaccines. My recipe for everyone in Michigan is to wear your mask, wash your hands, avoid crowds, and when it’s your turn, get vaccinated. You should continue to take preventive measures even after you’ve been vaccinated because it takes at least two weeks for the full protection of a vaccine to kick in after the last dose, and it will take time to vaccinate everyone. “


The MHA is urging Michiganians to commit to proven COVID-19 preventive measures and to receive a COVID-19 vaccine as soon as it is available to them amid increasing COVID-19 infections and hospitalizations.

“While much of our healthcare workforce is vaccinated, caring for a third increase in COVID-19 patients is mentally and physically exhausting for all front-line caregivers,” said MHA Executive Director Brian Peters. “Not following proven preventive measures is not only dangerous to our health, it hurts our economy and delays when in-person activities, such as returning to work, can occur with minimal restrictions. It will still take a few more months to vaccinate everyone, so we have to do everything in our power to curb current growth. While you wait your turn to receive your safe and effective vaccine, mask yourself, practice social distancing and wash your hands.


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