Young Wife Allegedly Murdered Her Husband & Accidentally Killed 15 More Of His Family To Escape Arranged Marriage

Get all the details on the alleged murders.

A young woman from Muzaffargarh, Pakistan has been charged with murder for allegedly poisoning her husband and 15 members of his family.

Twenty-year-old Aasia Bibi is claimed to have murdered her husband, Amjad, to get out of their arranged marriage by poisoning a container of milk. As it turned out, he didn’t drink the milk, and it was then used to make lbadi, which was served to his family.

With the death toll rising to 16, 11 others are still under medical supervision.

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It’s said Aasia had tried to escape to her parent’s house before the alleged murders, but was forced to return to her husband. Additionally, a senior police official revealed her alleged lover Shahid and his aunt Zarina Mai were also arrested and charged under Pakistan’s anti-terror law.

Aasia has denied being responsible for the murders, saying:

“Shahid told me to poison the beverage but I didn’t do it. He [Shahid] asked me to marry him but I refused.”


Understandably, there are a lot of reactions about it on the Internet:

Why didn’t she poison HER own family, who would’ve been the ones forcing her to marry?
— Je m’ appelle Bionic (@BionicBlue) October 31, 2017

that’s why is so messed up. What choice (if any) does she has? She is a girl defending herself with the only thing she found
— Kuruni (@Kuruni) October 31, 2017

Oh damn, understandable, tbh forced marriage is akin to kidnap and sustained rape
— April Ahmed (@AbuKhayzuran) November 1, 2017

I feel sad that young girls have to go thru this. I feel really sad
— Safa (@Safa__________H) October 31, 2017

[Image via Geo TV.]

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