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You will not have to sign to buy credit cards much longer

Walmart, for example, said that it already considers that the signatures are "useless" and does not bother to register them with the majority of purchases. Target, meanwhile, hopes to rule them out completely before the end of April. Merchant groups also expect the requirements to disappear soon. Both stores and credit card networks have adhered to the signing requirement simply because chip cards took years to become relatively common in the US. UU They have been popular for much longer in other parts of the world.

Firms offer occasional advantages. It can help stores when they challenge customers who make dubious claims about past invoices. However, the squiggles have become useless outside the larger transactions. Even before chip cards and NFC payments, the increase in online purchases led credit card providers to develop much stronger fraud protection in addition to inspecting a buyer's calligraphy. This move could significantly accelerate the line at your local store with little or no effect on your financial security.

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