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You need to see the sublime goal of Raúl Ruidíaz in slow motion.

SEATTLE – Raul Ruidíaz has 20 goals in approximately 2,000 minutes of competition with the Seattle Sounders. That's almost twice as good as any other person in the history of the franchise.

But despite all of Ruidíaz's scoring skill, we have not yet seen how he unties something like what he did on Saturday. Ruidíaz's goal in the 58th minute is immediately reduced as one of the best goals someone has scored on the rave green and is likely to get consideration for the MLS Goal of the Year.

There is so much to love absolutely about this goal. Start with a pretty simple ball by Cristian Roldan. The first touch of Ruidíaz is not very good, since it almost seems that it smells bad. But he makes up for it deftly by directing the ball down to evade the extended boot of Franco Escobar. Miles Robinson probably thinks he has Escobar covered and slips to cut Ruidíaz. But Ruidíaz has different ideas, such as hats Robinson, who simply needs to address clearly.

At that point, hard work is done, but Ruidíaz still has a goal to score. He does it with equal aplomb, firing a shot from about 8 yards past a helpless Brad Guzan.

"It was an incredible goal at all," said Ruidíaz through a translator. "Very similar to the first goal I scored in the MLS against San Jose, I got the ball and then I did what I did."

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