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A ten-minute video showing the consequences of an incident of public embarrbadment in a restaurant in Delhi has gone viral.

In the video, a group of young women alleges that an older lady they had spent in a restaurant told them "They must be raped" based on their clothes.

In addition, the women claim that the lady pointed to her clothes and then to the other men in the restaurant, asking them to rape her.

One of the women, Shivani Gupta, put the video on social networks. In it, the women follow the lady to a shopping center and they approach her because of what she had said previously. In the course of ten minutes, they demand an apology, they do not receive any, and finally they manage to get the lady to reiterate her beliefs: the video ends when the lady agrees to call the police and backs up what she said.

At the eight-minute mark, the lady goes to the camera in broken English and says:

"Hi guys, these ladies want to wear a short or short dress to encourage everyone to see them … Go, fine … All these ladies wear a short dress or naked to rape."

He turns around and walks away, but returns to the camera: "Hello everyone, if you are the parents, please control the girls." Control their behavior, their dresses and tameez are baat karna … distribute this throughout INDIA. " Then he says he will call the police to the four girls.

Shivani Gupta shared the video and a post on Facebook, where he has more than 12,000 written actions.

"Hi, guys, today, a friend in the restaurant harbaded my friends and me in a short dress, this middle-aged woman will see seven men in the restaurant in the restaurant to rape us because she thought we deserved it. and criticize his unsolicited opinion, for speaking against his primitive mentality.

Our instinct was to get away from the drama. [sic] but with the support of our colleagues, we took her to a nearby shopping center. We gave him the opportunity to apologize, without success, of course. Nothing moved her, not even another woman who learned the story on the spot and implored the horrible woman to apologize. See for yourself And share."

The video that was first shared on Instagram has been removed. The girls have been sharing the video on Facebook and Twitter with the hashtag #auntyjiapologise.

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