You might be able to see one thing tonight just one in one million have seen


As a part of Science Week, Astronomy Ireland shall be establishing among the strongest telescopes in Ireland to take a look at a really uncommon sight within the night time skies.

The telescopes shall be gathered at Astronomy Ireland’s Headquarters, simply off the M50, at 8pm tonight to offer folks an opportunity to take a look at the planet Uranus.

They reckon that as few as one in one million folks have ever seen the planet via a telescope.

If the everyday Irish climate scuppers their plans, they are going to nonetheless be giving a chat all about Uranus and its 27 moons.

          To whet your urge for food for it, listed here are some information in regards to the planet, as provided by Astronomy Ireland:
        • Uranus is a large planet 50,724 km throughout – that is 4 instances wider than Earth.
        • It doesn’t have a strong floor, its ambiance simply will get thicker and thicker as you go down from the cloud tops.
        • Uranus was the primary planet found by telescope in 1781. It was not identified to the traditional astronomers.
        • It is roughly 20 instances farther from the Sun than the Earth so this can be very chilly, round – 200 levels Celsius.
        • You want at the very least binoculars to see Uranus regardless of its big measurement. This is because of its huge distance from Earth 2,850 million km (1,800 million miles) tonight.
        • The telescopes on the Uranus Watch will reduce this distance down dramatically and present the planet as a small greenish disk, a sight that lower than one in one million earthlings have ever seen.
        • Only one spacecraft has ever visited Uranus, Voyager 2 in 1986, and there are at the moment no plans to ship spacecraft to Uranus.
        • There is quite a lot of methane in Uranus’ ambiance which provides it a slight greenish color.
        • Uranus has 27 moons named after characters from the works of William Shakespeare and Alexander Pope. The largest is Titania with a diameter of 1578km (our Moon is 3476km extensive).

Happy viewing!

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