You have no longer to listen to hate speech while playing Destruction AllStars

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since Destruction AllStars For PlayStation 5, released a full 72 hours ago, the game has been plagued Verbal harassment was reported, By default voice chat is turned on. Today, developer Lucid Games released a fix that switches the default chat to “off”.

Hotfix 1.2.2 “Disable multiplayer lobby voice communication by default for all players,” according to a Embed Tweet From the developer. Lucid Games also writes that it is “actively working on long-term enhancements to the voice communication system.”

soon after Stars of destruction Gone live, players took to social media to share examples of racial slavery, sexism, homophobia, and other intolerant speech. One Critic Wrote that he listened to a pod-right podcast.

While disgusting and unforgivable, such language, sadly for online games, is part and parcel. It’s just that they usually come with tools to counter it. To go in by shock Destruction AllStarsYou will need Rely on system-level workarounds In PS5’s settings and menus. There is no game of muting individual players or completely deactivating voice chat. For group chat Destruction AllStars Through that dual speaker was relayed to the face of your doubling controller, allowing you to mute your TV and still be subject to language you don’t want any part of.

After today’s hotfix, you won’t hear any players through your speakers. Pull up DestructionActivity card – system level input on PS5 – no longer shows one for voice chat Destruction AllStars. “In my matches, it appeared that public voice chat is currently closed. (The option to create your own party still exists.)

While amazed that such a design choice was implemented in the first place, it is great to see developers taking such quick, decisive action to solve a broader problem.