You can turn off timers and alarms with Google Nest speakers in other rooms

Here’s a scenario for you: You set an alarm on Google Nest Mini in your bedroom, but before it goes off, you go down. The alarm then goes off, and it refuses to stop chirping until you hoof it upward and tell that specific Nest Mini to shut down.

This is how Google’s smart speakers worked. Thankfully, the search giant has quietly released an update that seemingly addresses this problem, allowing users to set off alarms when talking to Google Nest speakers in different rooms.

A tipster noted the change Android police, He told his office Ness Hub to “turn off the timer in the kitchen”, resulting in the alarm being set off in the kitchen. A video showcasing the feature showed the tipster’s Nest Hub responding with “I’m blocking any alarms and timers playing on my smart home device”, suggesting that you should check the room or alarm There is no need to specify which one you want to close.

Android police The new feature was able to confirm that the original Google Home is supported by Google Home Max and in many rooms by the Google Nest Hub Max. So, the next time your alarm goes off, try telling a Google Nest-branded smart speaker in a separate room to turn it off.

Google has not yet accepted the new feature, and it is unclear how widespread its rollout has been so far. This may cause a server-side roll out, in which case it will not be available to everyone at once. If you do not have the facility at this time, give it a few days and try again. However, there may be variation on whether your mileage will work between third-party Google Assistant speakers and Nest-branded devices.

Talking about Nest devices, Google is reportedly gearing up to announce a new Nest Audio device at an event on 30 September. So, even if you don’t have many Nest speakers right now, the upcoming device might be worth checking out.


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