‘You are the strongest Labor president you have ever been to at a union event’ for the Biden pledge

Top Line

Former Vice President Joe Biden on Monday at a Labor Day AFL-CIO event pledged his allegiance to organized labor and vowed to be the “strongest Labor president” and to break Trump’s record on organized labor Presented. .

Key Facts

Biden played up his labor background, recounting how his Uncle Ed told him “Joy, you’re laboring for a shoe sole with a belt buckle,” and proclaiming that he would never “say the word Union Afraid. “

“You can be sure that you will be hearing that word, ‘Union,’ very often when I live in the White House,” Biden said, “empowering the workers” and “you have so far Pledging to be “the strongest Labor president”. “

Biden promised to enact a bill to strengthen the Labor Act, strengthen the labor laws, hold officials “personally liable” to undermine the unions to mobilize workers Is “personally liable” for interfering with the union’s efforts.

Biden also advocated passage of the HEROES Act – aimed at expanding coronovirus relief and raising premium pay for essential workers – declaring, “It is not enough to praise our essential workers, it pays them.” is about to.”

Biden accused Trump of being “out of touch” on the economy and the coronovirus, accusing him of “if he started talking about saving people’s lives, the stock market could collapse” in response to his virus, which Biden said. “Very good for your rich friends.”

Biden informally offered yet another raging expression of Trump on the sour report the Atlantic Claiming Trump called American soldiers “losers” and “suckers”, the language that Biden called “utterly anti-American” says that anyone who says such things has “no business president” is.”

Serious sentiment

“There is a new appreciation for people all over the country about just how essential … unions are,” Biden said of the changes brought about by the coronovirus epidemic. “Many people today have health insurance and sick leave due to unions, so many have a voice in the workplace and our democracy.”

Chief critic

Trump campaign deputy communications director Zach Parkinson accused Biden of “job-killing business dealings” and “historically weak ‘recoveries’ during his vice presidency, while increasingly responding in the Trump campaign Employee Abigail Maron announced, “There has never been a president. America’s hardworking men and women receive so much attention “compared to Trump, and claim that Biden has” always put China first. “

Main background

Trump found unusual success for a Republican with white working-class voters in 2016, cutting deeply into undermining democratic dominance among union members. According to the exit poll, Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton won the Union House with only 8 points, the lowest margin since the 1984 landslide of Ronald Reagan.

big number

47%. This is the percentage of non-college educated voters who said they support Trump in a Selzer poll earlier this month, compared to 45% who said they would vote for Biden. According to CNN’s exit poll, this is a minor difference compared to Trump’s 7-point win with the group in 2016.