You are more likely to win the lottery to avoid the Kovid-19 infection, who warn the WHO expert

You cannot take this virus, especially in winter, to come, Dr. Stressed Ryan.

“It’s still a vicious virus,” he said. “We are still losing 5,000 people a day from the confirmed Kovid’s death. It does not count people who may have died because they were never tested, it may not count all other causes of death because health services were disrupted. ”

Even with so-called ‘mild’ infections, “we just don’t know what its long-term effects are,” he emphasized. Everyone, even young people, does not fully recover from this virus.

“We don’t have answers to everything. Dr. Kerkhov agreed, working very hard to share what we know.

However, “one thing we are looking at is not just the number of deaths from alleged cases, but what is the estimated number of deaths from infections? This estimate is 0.6 percent,” she said.

“It may not sound like much, but if you think of a virus that has the ability to spread widely … it’s a high number. And this infection would increase dramatically by age. is. ”

Dr. “This is an important issue,” Ryan said when he reissued his Stark reminder: “These numbers are actually very small until you count for all of us and see what the effect is . ”

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