Yoru and Viper finally get benefits from Valorant after multiple delays

It’s been a long time coming, but Yoru and Viper’s core companies have something to be excited about at Valorant. The much-talked about buffs for the two underpowered Agents will finally come after multiple delays, but there’s still a wait.

Riot has been talking about Viper improvements on Valorant since the dawn of time, basically. The American controller has been on the sidelines since the game’s launch, and while some benefits in Episode 1 helped her, she was left wanting more.

Since then, the main Yoru have joined the chorus of complaints. The Japanese duelist failed to hit the mark on his release. Riot has made some quality of life changes since then, but the numbers need to be changed.

Riot Games

Viper players, your time has finally come. Apply Valorant Patch 2.06 for some improvements.

Fortunately, both communities will have their prayers answered shortly. Riot has confirmed, after a long string of promises, that benefits will come in Valorant patch 2.06 and beyond.

The changes would have come sooner, had it not been for the Valorant Stage 1 Masters. With the big international tournament taking place in Valorant patch 2.04, they have to wait until 2.06 to start submitting the changes they want.

“For full transparency 2.05 will probably be a lighter patch and we are keeping an eye on the Astra launch and making sure it is healthy,” developer Coleman ‘Altombre’ Palm said on Reddit.

“Past that point, however, we have a gap in the tournaments and some time when we can send some of those changes in that window 2.06-2.09.”

“We also want to send these changes as soon as possible. We only have a limited number of hands and a lot to juggle – there are more changes we’d like to make than we can realistically ship, so we need to prioritize for the sake of balance. “


If Astra lands in a good spot, Yoru and Viper can expect good news in the first half of that window. If Astra needs help for herself ⁠, which could be the case ⁠, it will be in the second half.

Riot hasn’t shed much light on the specifics of the changes, though they seek to keep the identities of the two agents the same.

“Viper is committed to placing its smoke more than other drivers, but as a result it is capable of smoking much larger areas for more than one round, and its cigarettes are more threatening to push or play,” added Altombre, speaking specifically about Viper. .

“We are experimenting by relying on some of these aspects to see if we can bring it to a better place for the solo queue without homogenizing it or detracting from its identity.”

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