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York, South Carolina, officer involved in shootings: Detective Michael R. Doty shot dead

Detective Michael R. Doty, one of four executed in the line of duty trying to find a domestic violence suspect, died Wednesday, according to the York County Sheriff's Office in South Carolina. WBTV, a CBS affiliate, reports that the shooting with officers occurred on Monday night in response to a domestic violence incident outside the city of York.

The news of the death of Doty, a 12-year veteran of force, announced on the Sheriff's Twitter on Wednesday:

WBTV reports that the suspect, identified as Christian Thomas McCall, 47, apparently ran on foot around the 10 p. M. On Monday from the house before the authorities arrived, an intense three-hour chase began. He was wanted for allegedly assaulting his wife, authorities said. The K-9 agents were called at that time to help track the man.

Shortly after 1 a.m. On Tuesday, officers say McCall "fired" and ambushed a SWAT team looking for him. Manipulator K-9 Sgt. Randy Clinton, a 34-year veteran, was hit in the leg. Two other officers, Sergeant. Buddy Brown and Sgt. Kyle Cummings, were shot. They are expected to survive.


York County Sheriff's Department Detective Mike Doty, Sgt. Randy Clinton, Sergeant Buddy Brown and York Police Sgt. Kyle Cummings

County Sheriff's Department from York

A GoFundMe account has been set up to help officers with their medical bills and their recovery, WBTV reports.

The sheriff's office said McCall was also shot during the incident. He was taken into custody and transferred to a local hospital.

According to the York County attorney, McCall is being charged with three counts of attempted murder for the sergeant's shooting. Clinton, Sergeant Brown and Sgt. Cummings. He will also be accused of possession and use of a firearm during the commission of a violent crime and domestic violence of the first degree.

The lawyer told WBTV before it was too early to press charges in relation to Det. Doty is shooting.

Deputies had been called to McCall's house before because he said he was the victim in a domestic disturbance in 2015. The sheriff had no details about the case. McCall's wife was not seriously injured in Monday night's attack, York County Sheriff Kevin Tolson said.

A neighbor, Roger Gilfillan, said he was stunned to discover who could be involved. "This is disconcerting," Gilfillan said several times, noting that McCall lived in the house with his wife and two children.

"They were very nice people, they kept to themselves," Gilfillan said. McCall often walked around the neighborhood, but only spoke when someone talked to him. McCall never seemed to cause any problems, Gilfillan said.

State criminal records show only one arrest for McCall. In February 1994, he was accused of assaulting a law enforcement officer, resisting arrest and simple assault in Florence. The records did not show what happened to the case in court.

York is approximately 25 miles southwest of Charlotte.

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