Yes, AirPod Pro works great with Chromebook

Since we didn’t put up my video long ago where I finally accepted to break and buy a set of AirPods Pro, I have a few questions regarding using these wireless earbuds with the Chromebook. As many of you know, I don’t own a whole lot of Apple hardware. I have an iPad mini that I have almost completely stopped using and I have both the original AirPods from a few years ago and now the AirPods Pro. My main connection with these earbuds is mainly with my OnePlus 8 and whatever chromebook I use at the time.

As it stands now, I’ve been happily using them with the Acer Chromebook Spin 713 for the past few weeks, while others have been writing. As I’ve used them, what I’ve found is Likes to cancel out the noise when I need it, rock-solid connections for it when I walk away from my desk, and ease of switching connections to devices. When it comes to playback of audio and video, AirPods Pro works exactly as you expect and feels great doing it. They are badly comfortable, too.

So, obviously the answer is yes, they work quite well with Chromebooks. The play / pause control works with single-click and forward / back with double or triple-click. The only other thing AirPods Pro is designed to do is Siri, which, surprisingly not, they don’t do without an Apple device. There are apps for your phone that you can use to trigger Google Assistant through a very slow double click on the stems of the earbuds, but I’ve never really found the assistant in my ear Which is also required with Pixel Buds. I find the touch controls on the pixel buds a bit better, but I’ve found that noise canceling and playing / pausing are the main things I need my earbuds to be good at, and AirPods Pro It’s fine regardless of what I’m hooked to.

For bouncing between devices, I find this to be the easiest set of earbuds to work with so far. To pair them, you put them in their case, hold the buttons from the back until the white light starts in the front and then pair them with the device you want. Once this is done, you can simply drag your Bluetooth settings to the device you want to switch to, click AirPods Pro, and that device will assume control. It works every time. If I’m using them on my Chromebook and want to run quickly, I can just grab my phone, pull down my Quick Settings, and select AirPods Pro from the Bluetooth list. It is simple and effective and I love it. And yes, I know other Bluetooth headsets do this, but I’ve never used a set that I can very confidently switch between devices and run into paired issues.

There is a certain air about Apple products that turn off the vibes that they are intended for Apple hardware and Apple hardware alone. While this is one of his many tools, This is certainly not true of AirPods or AirPods Pro. What I find in these earbuds is something that I wish Apple liked more: Openness and Difference. Apple has made its fortune by locking its customers in its own ecosystem and I do not expect that to close anytime soon. It’s nice that one of them can take advantage of a well-built, premium product that doesn’t feel crippled due to the fact that I’m not attaching it to any other Apple hardware. Using AirPods Pro with my Android phone and multiple Chromebooks has proven When they choose, Apple can make great stuff for everyone, And I am a user who is very happy that they did.

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