Yeah we’re getting more shadow tactics

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Screenshot: Shadow Tactics

Shadow Tactics is one of the best stealth / tactic games of all timeand with Mimimi game developers who have done the best Desperados 3 last year, they are returning to Shadow Tactics with an independent expansion.

It’s called Aiko’s Choice, and its trailer. stinksas it shows nothing but the logo. But then, it’s Shadow Tactics, we know how it will look and play, so really, just the knowledge that there is more to come is good news enough for today.

However, the Steam page for the expansion has some screenshots, as well as some basic information:

Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun – Aiko’s Choice focuses on one of the main game’s main characters: kunoichi expert Aiko. She is a master of camouflage and distracts enemies dressed as Geisha. Although Aiko was sure she had left her old life behind, a new enemy deeply connected to Aiko’s past reappears from the shadows to challenge her. Together with his friends of deadly assassins, he sets out to hunt down the ghosts of his past …

The expansion features three fully developed main missions, set in completely new environments, and three shorter interlude missions.


Screenshot: Shadow Tactics

It will be released in “late 2021.”


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