Yankees vs. Cleveland Score: Gerrit Cole Cruises Knocks Around Shane Bieber in Bronx Bombers Game 1

Tuesday night at Progressive Field, the New York Yankees opened their Wild Card Series matchup with Cleveland, and the Battle of the Aces was never a success. Yankees pummeled Shane Bieber En route to an easy 12–3 win in Game 1 (box score). They have a 1-0 lead in the best-of-three series.

Bieber did not score a single 1-2-3 on Tuesday and Cleveland was breaking a sweat before that too. New York removed a lot of pitches and took some quality breaking balls in the dirt, and when Bieber made a mistake, they did not miss. The Yankees had four extra hits against Bieber.

On the other hand, Gerrit Cole took run support and ran with it, especially after surviving a minor third inning jam. Cleveland never seriously threatened the rest of the night. Here are three takeaways from Game 1 of New York.

Yankees agreed to Bieber

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Bieber described his poor debut as poor. MLB batting shampoo DJ LeMahieu The third pitch of the game was sent to Wright Field for a single, then Aaron Judge sent Bieber’s fourth pitch to the center field wall for a two-run home run.

For action footage:

Bieber allowed seven home runs in 77 1/3 innings during the regular season and all seven hit the road. It was the first homer he allowed in Progressive Field in 2020. In addition, Bieber allowed the first inning run during the regular season, then allowed two on a swing on Tuesday. Was also far from this attack.

Yanikis added one run in the third, two runs in the fourth and two more in the fifth. Bieber allowed seven earned runs in 4 2/3 innings in Game 1 – he allowed no more than three runs in any of his regular 12 seasons – after allowing 14 earned runs in the entire regular season. Just a brutal outing for the presumed Cy Young winner.

In addition, the home run was the judge’s ninth in 28 career postson games. He was disguised for 16 (1 of 20 with strikes) in the 2017 ALDS against Cleveland, but is 24 for 82 (.293) with eight homers in 82 posters games.

Cole was amazing

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I’m sure the early lead helped, but Gosh, Cole outscored Cleveland in Game 1. He scored 13 runs and gave the opposition team two runs on six sixes in seven innings in the game. , Cole actually faced the final 12 batsmen, 11 of whom retired. Fully effective.

The only Cleveland hitter who gave him trouble was Josh Noyler, part of the Mike Cleiser trade. Naylor hit a double to the center field wall in the second inning and hit a solo home run to center in the fourth inning. He added a single in the seventh and another double in the ninth. Cole threw high fastballs by a Cleveland hitter all night except for Claire.

According to Andrew Simon of MLB.com, Nailer is the first player since July 2018 with two “barrels” against Cole in a single game. Statcast defines a “barrel” as a batting ball “headed by a comparable hit type (in terms of exit velocity and launch angle). Min. .500 batting average and 1.500 slugging percentage.” Basic form. Barrels are the best possible contact.

Naylor went 3 for 3 and had a triple short of the cycle against Cole. The rest of the lineup went 3 with 23 against him. Cole’s 13 strikes rank second in the postsheets starting in Yankees history:

  1. Roger Clemens, 2000 ALCS Game 4 vs. Mariners: 15K
  2. Gerrit Cole, 2020 Wild Card Series Game 1 vs Cleveland: 13’s
  3. Orlando Hernández, 2000 World Series Game 3 vs Mets: 12K
  4. Tied to many 11

Cole and Hall of Famer Bob Gibson are the only pitchers in history to have more than 13 strike games in the postseason. Cole scored 15 in Game 2 of the ALDS last year against the Rays.

It is only the Wild Card Series, not the World Series, but the Yankees set the pitch record for Cole, a $ 324 million contract to win, just like Tuesday’s games. He defeated a fellow ace on the road to give his team a 1-0 series lead. Now the Yankees are one win away from ALDS.

Torres woke up

The Yankees scored 12 runs in Game 1 after scoring more than three runs in four of their final five regular seasons. The questions were – legitimate questions – about his ability to produce away from Yankee Stadium. View home / road segmentation:

  • Yankee at home: Is .266 / .363 / .530 and 6.4 runs per game
  • Yankees on the road: Is .226 / .319 / .358 and 4.1 runs per game

He was away from Yankee Stadium with 12 runs in a game started by the American League’s best pitcher, answering questions about the offense. It is difficult to answer any better.

Each Yankee reached base at least once and five of their nine bases reached base several times. Gleiber Torres, who slowed .368 in a regularly uneven season, went 4 for 4 with a homer and a walk. New York’s 7-8-9 hitter went a combined 8 for 14 (.571) with a double and two homers.

It was a great day for the overall offense and the waking Torres should be extra encouraging. As noted, he had a very disappointing regular season, which would have garnered more attention if not for teammate Gary Sanchez’s crappy year. Torres was the great last postseason. Like him being able to produce it would make New York more dangerous.

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