Yankees sweep Indians receiving ALDS berth

Gary Sanchez capitalized on his crazy season with a clutch homer and an even more significant sacrifice fly, DJ Lemahieu hit a go-ahead and the Yankees clinched their American League Wild Card Series with a 10–10 win over the Indians on Wednesday Won on Progressive Field. . Yankees will board
Gary Sanchez Clash his crazy season with Clutch Homer and more importantly the sacrifice fly, DJ LeMahieu A hit again and the Yankees won their American League Wild Card Series with a 10–9 win over the Indians on Wednesday at Progressive Field.
The machine-like batting champion of the league – Sanchez would ride a happy flight to meet the Rays on the West Coast after landing a game-tying sacrifice fly in the ninth inning and Lemahiu. Appearance difference

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Sanchez’s sixth inning homer had a low Yanks count, but Jonathan Losaga gave Jordan Luplo a two-run two-run lead in the seventh and Aerodis Chapman surrendered after Cesar Hernandez scored at number eight.

Running high after a 12–3 ride in Tuesday’s Game 1, the Yankees were down quickly, with Cleveland hanging right-handed Masahiro Tanaka to a four-place first in a 33-minute rain delay. But New York slipped backward.
Giancarlo Stanton launched the second inning homer and the Bombers followed Carlos Carrasco with a triple and two moves in the fourth. Gio Urshela greeted the flame-through James Karinchak with a grand slam, which combined with Gil McDougall (1951) and Tino Martinez (1998) as the only player to hit the grand slam leading to a single Became Yankees.
Stanton picked up a sacrifice fly in the fifth to extend the edge, but it did not hold. Cleveland placed two runners at the bottom of the frame to chase Tanaka, who has wondered if he’s playing his final game in a Yankees uniform, and AL MVP candidate Jose Ramirez gave Chan Green a two-run single. Good luck with the double.
Batting for ninth place for the first time in his career, Santchez briefly topped the Yanks with a two-run homer from Trisk McKenzie. Cleveland responded that Losiga had a big hit at home with Luplo.

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