Yankees’ Jay Bruce presents a great key defensive play

Jay Bruce made a good play at first base to knock Cedric Mullins home in the first inning of Tuesday’s 7-2 win over the Orioles at the Stadium, then hit his first home run as a Yankee with a shot on the right field. line to open the second entry.

“It feels good to get first out of the way,” Bruce said of the home run.

When Bruce came to spring training on a minor league contract, he was confident his swing would work well at Yankee Stadium, and not just for home runs like Tuesday.

“I don’t hit a lot of home runs down the right field line,” Bruce said. “You see there, a fly hits good, but very high, it can hit 320 feet and be a home run. Listen, I’ve played in big parks, small parks, and all the parks out there right now. They all count the same, no matter how far they go. “

Bruce added that he would not target the short porch on the right.

“I don’t necessarily have to aim for that,” he said. “For me, the risk is not necessarily worth the reward. I’m aiming for the cannon. “


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