Yankees-Indian Game 2 gets messed up due to rain delay

What a mess.

After Game 2 of the Wild Card Series between the Yankees and Indians on Wednesday was delayed by about 45 minutes due to a rain threat at Progressive Field in Cleveland, the game finally began – after rain – with only one being delayed First for and in the bottom of the Indians, 1-0, when it finally rained.

The disastrous move came after Cleveland’s Carlos Carrasco threw 17 pitches on top of first and Masahiro Tanaka threw 11 pitches and delivered a run in the bottom of the inning.

Tanaka returned to the mound after a second delay, which lasted 33 minutes.

Before a game, the MLB determines whether to start a game in consultation with both teams. Once the game starts, the decision is for the umpires.

On ESPN Broadcast, Cleveland pitching coach Carl Willis said, “We started late. Here in cleveland with lake effect [off Lake Erie], You can follow the radar and things can turn around and come back at you. We thought we were going to be safe. ”

A source familiar with the situation said that the weather at Progressive Field presented unique challenges due to the impact of the lake and the first heavy system missed the stadium, as the second system strengthened it came ashore.

Prior to the standoff, Carrasco played a superb innings, while Tanaka allowed back-to-back doubles to Cesar Hernandez and Jose Ramirez, giving the Indians a one-run lead.


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