Yankees Gerrit Cole’s solid start in brutal loss to Euroless

BALTIMORE – Aaron Boone was asked if he was worried about his players’ confidence after a losing team malfunctioned, and said he was not.

If Boone answered a question about his club’s performance in the same light, he was lying.

“I am not worried about trust. Looking at our friends, we have to play better, period, “Boone said. The Low Orioles suffered a 6-1 embarrassing loss Saturday night at Camden Yards. “It is incumbent on all of us, and begins to set a good tone with me as far as having a good plan and being in a position to succeed. I do not worry about trust, because these people have had a lot of success, But we have to change it to a bit more gear. ‘

There may not even be a season settled that started so promisingly and is in a free fall, so there’s a chance the Yankees won’t be one of the eight AL clubs that participate in the extended postseason. Will take.

For some, this can be hard to believe. For those who revealed Saturday against a poor Orioles team, this is a real possibility as the Yankees have dropped 11 of the last 16 matches.

Jerit cole
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The latest loss was costly as AL pre-leading Rays and Blue Jays, tied for second with the Yankees, also lost. Therefore, with 21 games left, the Yankees and Blue Jazz Rays are 5 left in length.

With Jerit Cole on the mound and striking out eight of the first nine overmatched hitters at the top of the zone with a top speed of 99 mph, the wicked sliders and curly curls, knee-high, believed the Yankeles Can make enough runs to make enough runs. the ace.

Instead, the lineup never stirred until the ninth when it did not score, and ended a sixth-inning meltdown that was short of third baseman Thyro Estrada’s throwing error, leading to four out of five. Orient runs were unearned. Cole gave DJ Stewart a leadoff homer, a former Yankees draft pick, and released two walks to no avail.

Nor was the Yankees lineup going 0-for-9 with the runners in scoring position. In the last 16 matches, the Yankees are hitting .196 (22-for-112) in the clutch.

“I want us to look at the corner and start going in the right direction,” said Cole, who gave five runs (one earned), four hits in six innings, 10 runs scored and lost in three matches. Encountered streak. “Results do not always determine what is going on. But at the same time, whether the offense has a good night and the pitcher can’t pick it up or the pitcher has a good night and the offense can’t pick it up or we pitch well and hit well and we don’t Let’s do good defense. All things are not clicking for us. The three areas of the game need to go in the right direction. If we don’t slip away with six wins, that’s fine, but we need to see some improvement across the board and start picking each other up. ‘

There is no doubt that the offensive game – 61 runs in the last 16 games (61 .3.8 per game) – is due to the absence of Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton. But Gary Sanchez is present even though he is not an appearance, as his four strikes proved Saturday night. Aaron Hicks is ice cold. Luke Voyt is out cold.

After saying that Estrada should have picked him up after a throwing error, Cole was asked about the mood in the clubhouse.

Cole replied, “No less, not happy.”

Any other answer will also be false.


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