Yankees ‘Day of Glibber Torres’ after suffering an elbow injury

BALTIMORE – Gleiber Torres dominated the Orioles last year, beating 13 homers in 18 games. So far, 2020 has been tough for Torres against Baltimore.

The Yankee shortstop went goalless in Wednesday’s win and gave up an 8-6 victory with a fourth win at Camden Yards on Thursday, as he fell to the right elbow in the pitch for the first time.

The Yankees announced the X-rays were negative and Torres suffered an illusion, which is good news for the shortstop, who was replaced by Tyler Wade.

Aaron Boone called the injury “day-to-day” and Torres said that he decided to be out of the game because the injury was affecting his throwing ability.

Glieber Torres reacts after suffering an elbow injury during an 8-6 win over the Oroles on Thursday night.
Glieber Torres reacts after suffering an elbow injury during an 8-6 win over the Oroles on Thursday night.AP

Boone said that being called Tommy was unavailable on Thursday and the team would provide updates on the right-hand side on Friday. Kahnley has made just one appearance so far this season, when he pushed the score to eighth place on Sunday to gain a one-nation lead. The bullpen is already without Aroldis Chapman, who has been sidelined with COVID-19.

When the Astros were found guilty in 2017 that they used electronics to steal the signs in 2017, as part of a Major League Baseball move to encourage players to cooperate, any player Was not disciplined.

Sources confirmed on Thursday that the MLB and the players’ union had reached an agreement that allows Commissioner Rob Manfred to suspend the players, as reported by Athletic.

“I think it’s a good thing,” Boone said. “This is clearly something that has become an issue in our game – I think, in some ways, in part because now this winter has cracked up a lot after everyone’s gone. Anything we call it competitive I am supporting it as you can, to make it as appropriate as possible. “

Some players seem to have taken matters into their own hands, with Dodgers reliever Joe Kelly suspended eight games to throw to the Astros hitter on Tuesday.

Due to the setup of this season’s schedule, the Yankees will not face Houston until the playoffs. Torres was asked what he thought of Kelly’s actions.

“I don’t like to comment about that,” Torres said. “I don’t want to say anything wrong. If someone wants to do something, they do it. This is what I think. “

When the Yankees have their home opener at The Bronx on Friday against the Red Sox, they will not have cardboard cutouts in the stands, as have other teams – such as Boston and the Mets. Instead, the team intends to place the tarp on the legend’s seats behind home plate.

The Phillies announced on Thursday that a coach and home clubhouse attendant tested positive for COVID-19 and canceled a workout at their home park and put the Yankees’ schedule into flux again next week .

Philadis, who played the Marlins in Philadelphia over the weekend, was scheduled to play the Blue Jays at Citizens Bank Park this weekend, but those games have been postponed and the league said in a statement It will coordinate with health experts and majors. Association in league baseball players plans to resume Phillies. “

The Yankees were slated to play the Phillies this week before Philadelphia halted their season. Instead, they moved to a two-game series against the Orioles in Baltimore.

The Yankees are scheduled to play the Red Sox in the Bronx starting on Friday. Also, Boone is unsure of what his team will do.

“I really don’t know anything,” Boone said. “Will it impact next week? I think it can happen in some ways. I have not taken any instructions from anyone. The league probably has no idea how the next week is going to unfold. Our focus is right here and then at home against the Red Sox. “

USC college coach Mike Gillespie died Wednesday night. Boone said Gillespie was one of the reasons he played No. 19, when he was playing with the Yankees.

– Additional reporting by Zach Braziller


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