Yankees creating history with this home run show

Homer barrage is not enough. It does not do this. We have seen Homer Barrage before. Therefore it is insufficient to use those two words to explain what the Yankees did for Black and Blue Jas for three days.

His Bronx Bomber moniker for the Yankees earned him with a century. Nevertheless, no Yankees team ever did what it did for three days. Pretty much every night, it was easy to make a list of yanks who were no more than their homies.

If you think the backup catcher, Kyle Higashoka, was going deep three times on Wednesday, which would drop a jaw or raise an eyebrow, then you should have seen a three-pitch, three-homer attack, which The fourth inning of a five-homer turned out in a 10–7 win Thursday.

The Yankees hit 19 homers, a record not only for the three-match series, but for any length series. Those homers scored about 1 nearly /. Traveled miles. The Yankees became the first team in three straight games with at least six homers. He became the first Yankees team to homer five times in an innings. It also holds major league records. And his 88 home runs are the most by the Yankees (29-21), having hit through 50 games ever.

Luke Voyt celebrated with Aaron Hicks after playing a solo homer in Victory's 10–7 victory over Blue Jay.
Luke Voyt celebrated with Aaron Hicks after playing a solo homer in Victory’s 10–7 victory over Blue Jay.NY Post: Charles Weinberg

It was three days of flexing as the Yankees passed the Blue Jays for second place in the AL East, with Toronto not reported for the year ahead of them in the standings and a game of the Twins for the AL fourth seed Closed within. And home ground in the first round.

With eight straight wins in which he has completely rediscovered his power, with his early pitching and the best of his mojo, the Yankees have plenty to reestablish themselves as a strength for the postseason. Have done something

“This is an impressive series,” said Aaron Boone.

Even Boone admitted that it was different, and he has hit the Yankees in a major league best 573 homer in the last two years. The ball can be juiced, and the Blue Jayce pitching isn’t special, but there are still 19 homers in three days? In three Chase Anderson pitches from Brett Gardner’s three homers, DJ Lemahieu and an MLB-leading 20th Luke Voight? Five inning on 13 pitches?

Masahiro Tanaka, an early beneficiary of the Yankees’ power, was down the dugout runway during the fourth inning. There is no TV feed to watch. But “I was listening,” and he could hear the excitement from the wood crack and dugout, and so he knew that there was something special.

“It was awesome,” said Giancarlo Stanton, who hit one of the five. “You go in and miss two homers.”

Stanton was 4-for-5 in his second game from IL. Aaron Judge is likely to play his second game from IL on Friday. The Yankees lineup is healthy and thorough and is one of those in which you’re looking for a soft landing spot, and it’s hard to find. Even Gary Sanchez’s batting was delayed. He hit the Yankees’ sixth homer on Thursday in the seventh inning. But his double in the fifth – which preceded Gardner’s homer – was 117.5 mph and was not only the hardest hit ball of the game, but by anyone this season.

“It’s a good word [the lineup] – Horror, “Stanton said as the whole group is back together.” It’s special and fun to be together and be together at the right time, with all of us there. ”