Yankees continue the managerial search with Carlos Beltrán


The New York Yankees have already interviewed five candidates for their open management position, but they have not finished. Yankees general manager Brian Cashman returned from his Thanksgiving holiday and is ready to interview more people to fill Joe Girardi's booties.

#Yankees plans to interview additional management candidates, sources at The Athletic confirm. The length of the list is unknown beyond the initial five. @Jim_BowdenSXM was the first to report additional interviews. The team is not in a hurry; only club that still looks for a manager.

– Ken Rosenthal (@Ken_Rosenthal) November 28, 2017

Although this news has just been reported, a name comes up, and is familiar. He comes from the former general manager of the New York Mets and current MLB badyst, Steve Phillips.

Sources indicate that Carlos Beltrán will be interviewed for the post of Yankees manager. Sixth candidate to be considered.

– Steve Phillips (@StevePhillipsGM) November 28, 2017

And once Phillips reported it, the news was confirmed by Ken Rosenthal.

Carlos Beltran, let's go down! You are the next candidate to be interviewed for the position of Yankees manager!

Beltrán played for the Houston Astros in 2017, and announced his retirement a few weeks after the Astros won the World Series. He played XX years in the Major Leagues, won the Rookie of the Year in 1999 and was nine times All-Star. He also played for the Yankees since 2014-2016. Although he was a great player with great instincts, it is the small details that make him an interesting candidate for the position.

In recent years, many young Yankees attributed the influence of Carlos Beltrán as an aid to their careers. He requested a locker next to Aaron Judge in the spring of & # 39; 16. He has a good relationship with Cashman. Very intriguing managerial candidate.

– Bryan Hoch (@BryanHoch) November 28, 2017

Beltran retired a while ago, but told Yahoo Sports after the World Series that he has managerial aspirations. And Astros general manager Jeff Luhnow said having Beltran on board "was like having an extra player-coach this year." While that does not guarantee that Beltrán is a good manager, it is a good backup.

But if any team is going to discover that Beltrán could work as a manager, it will be the Yankees. They are not messing with their managerial interviews. (Not that anyone expected them to do it, how else can a franchise win eight trillion rings?) So far they have interviewed five candidates (Rob Thomson, Eric Wedge, Hensley Meulens, Aaron Boone and Chris Woodward), and according to MLB. Bryan Hoch of com, each has had a five to six hour interview that includes a one-hour conference call with Yankees reporters. That sounds pretty intense.

More than anything, the Yankees are taking their time. There is no rush to cover this vacancy, especially because they are the only team you are looking for. They are interviewing so many candidates because they can, and at this stage, why not? The relative peace and tranquility of the off-season gives them the opportunity to really get to know their candidates, and to interview a few who may not have looked carefully at other times.

The Yankees obviously want to do well, because there is a lot on the basis of their decision. They have such a dynamic and talented team, and the right man at the helm could take them even further in the playoffs in the future.

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