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Yankees ask the Minor Leggers team statement: ‘Stay with us’

In the midst of several professional games, including his own, Contradictions played a doubleheaded on Wednesday, and now two smaller leagues of their own are calling for him to take the stand.

Chris Gittens and Canaan Smith-Najiba are asking the Yankees on Thursday what to do after being shot in the back by African-American man Jacob Blake by police in Kenosa. on Sunday.

The Bucks boycotted their playoff competition after three NBA games were not played on Wednesday. It did not play three MLB games, no WNBA games were played and five MLS games are being postponed. It leaked on Thursday, with four baseball games already postponed and the NBA continuing to postpone the postseason, though the players agreed they would resume in the next few days.

“My team is really needed to make a statement,” Gittens, A black first baseman tweeted. “You have people in your organization who need to see that you are with us and not about the money !!! Don’t shut up !!!! #BLM.”

Smith-Najiba, also Kale, quoted him and wrote: “@Yankees stay with us.”

The doubles players are set to play against the Mets on Friday to conclude a series of five games over the weekend. The Mets played their game against the Marlins on Wednesday night and are scheduled to face Miami again on Thursday night at the Citi ground.


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