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Friday returns once again, which means that the exotic seller Xur is back in the world of Destination 2 Once again. Even following the news of Bungie parted with Activision late last week, second-year exotics are not yet in the loot of Xur's booty. Still, this week offers a number of strong exotics, with at least two that the Guardians will want to consider thanks to the random draws.

Although it is the new year, Xur still lives up to his usual tricks. This is where players can find the crafty trader and what he is selling in Destination 2 For the weekend of January 18, 2019:

Where is Xur?

This weekend, Xur hides in his usual cave in Io.

destination 2 xur io

Fly towards the giant's scar and immediately head through the building towards the area with the mbadive drill in the middle. Follow the left side road and pbad one of the piercing legs to find a cave a little lower against the wall.

Clbad Armor

Xur has brought a couple of big-name items this week, including two exotics from the base game and one from the Warmind expansion that will probably disappoint most players.

Verity's forehead – witch's helm

It's been a while since players have seen this item on offer, although for most Warlock, Verity's Brow will be a disappointment. Unfortunately, this exotic rudder is given to all Warlock players upon completion of the Warmind campaign, so, unless the players are interested in the throws, it is an easy subject to skip this week.

Its exotic benefit is called The Fourth Magic, which causes kills with energy weapons to increase the energy of the grenades for the player and nearby enemies.

Gear rolls:

  • Mobility Or Recovery
  • Fusion of rifle, aim with hand cannon, practice
  • Reserves of sniper rifle Or reserves of machine gun

Tremor of the nocturnal stalker of destiny

Orpheus Rig – hunter boots

One of the strongest exotic hunters is finally on sale once again. The Orpheus Rig boots are a very sought-after specific element of Nightstalker and really improve Trapper or Pathfinder specializations. Your benefit, Uncanny Arrows, provides extra extra energy for each enemy tied by Deadfall anchors. Not only that, those who use Mobius Quiver have more shots than normal.

It is an exotic fort and that all Nightstalkers should have in their inventory, even after the slight nerf after the launch of Forsaken. The Orpheus Rig boots are an easy recommendation this week for those who do not.

Gear rolls:

  • Resilience Or Mobility
  • Unbreakable Fusion Rifle Target, Non Slip Archer Target, Unbreakable Kinematic Rifle Target
  • Scout Rifle Reserves O Special Ammunition Finder

Hallowfire Heart – Titan's Chest Armor

Another specific piece of the strong clbad this week, the Hallowfire Heart is for the Sunbreaker Titans who enjoy throwing those fire hammers. Sunfire Furnace, the exotic benefit of the object, improves the recharge rate of all solar abilities. Not only that, but it also greatly improves the capacity recharge rates while the player's super meter is fully charged. This distinction is important for Titans who use a powerful ability such as melting point, which can give teams an advantage in a way like Gambit.

This is another article very easy to recommend for Titan players.

Fixed gear rolls:

  • Resilience OR Recovery
  • Fusion Rifle Loader, Hand Cannon Loader, Impact Induction
  • Sniper rifle sniper Or machine gun scavenger

Exotic weapon

The Vigilance Wing is back on sale this week from Xur. At one time, this weapon was a popular choice, although nowadays it seems to have been replaced by other pulse rifle weapons such as Bygones. Still, Vigilance Wing is a unique version of this clbad of weapons, since its intrinsic advantage, Hard Truths, gives this weapon a burst of five shots instead of the typical three. In addition, when a close ally dies, the player using the weapon gains instant health regeneration and increases movement speed.

Exotic pulse rifle target surveillance wing 2

While there are better weapons available out there, Vigilance Wing remains a solid option and is worth a retreat for those who may not have the weapon at this time.

Here is the full summary of Xur shares for January 18:

  • Heart Hallowfire (Titan's chest armor) – 23 legendary fragments
  • Orpheus platform (hunter's boots) – 23 legendary fragments
  • Verity's forehead (witch's rudder) – 23 legendary fragments
  • Surveillance wing (Pulse Rifle) – 29 legendary fragments
  • Degraded Engram – 97 legendary fragments
  • Five sword challenge card

Destination 2 It is now available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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